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3 Alternative Wedding Magician Ideas + Bonus

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In my humble opinion a wedding magician or mind reading magician is an extra special way to add to your wedding day (I may be biased). However there are plenty of other ways a magician can be incorporated into your wedding plans rather than just the ceremony day or reception itself.

3 Unique Wedding Magician Suggestions

  1. Anniversary - If you're celebrating an anniversary, why not add a little something extra to your celebration party. Whether that is your cotton, Diamond, or Oak (It's the traditional 80th anniversary gift ) anniversary. Consider hiring the same magician for your anniversary party as the one you hired when you had your wedding day.
  2. Wedding Shower - The wedding shower is a really unique time to have a wedding magician. I find this is definitely more appropriate for the mind reading magician *cough* but I don't see why it couldn't work for a traditional magician too. The reason I say it's best for the mind reading magician is that they can provide effects based around reading who your friends crushes are or who their first kiss was. Book a magician to perform an intimate show for you and your close friends, you'll have a great time and really get to know each other.
  3. Engagement Party - When you announce your engagement to your friends and family it is such an exciting time! It's also the first time some of your friends who will be involved with the wedding planning will be meeting for the first time. Take the pressure off of them bonding and invite a magician to help break the ice and make sure everyone is in a good mood when they meet. 

BONUS: The Proposal - A bonus idea is to get a magician to help you in the proposal. Proposals should be magic by definition. Some of the very best take your partner by surprise , what better way to do this than to have a magician produce the ring - or better yet get them to teach you how too! If you promise to keep the secret then I'm sure you'll come to some arrangement. Check out this amazing example below.

I hope that get's you thinking. If you have any questions on the above then feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Where else could a magician be used in your wedding plans?

3 Unique Party Ideas When Booking a Birthday Party Magician

A birthday party magician doesn't just have to be for Children. Although a magician is a popular children's party idea, why not consider booking a magician for an adult or teen's birthday. It's a unique birthday idea that will surprise your guests and make sure they remember the party for a long time as most people haven't seen a close-up magician in person.

Modern magic isn't the cheesy magic you may be used to. In fact modern close-up magic is incredibly classy and performed in your hands, designed for adults (that's not to say 'adult material'). Here are three ways in which a close-up magician or mind reader could be used at your event. 

3 Birthday Party Magician Ideas

  1. An Intimate Show for your Closest Friends - Are you having just a few friends over for a intimate dinner? Many magicians offer a close-up set that can usually can range up to 30 minutes for guests of up to 15-20 people. This is a really intimate show in which everyone gets involved and your guests will walk away with something they'll remember for a long time to come.
  2. A strolling magician - If having a larger event with many extended friends and family, a party mind reader or magician can make for a nice ice-breaker as well as a really entertaining way for guests to pass the time whilst they wait to speak with you. If you're busy talking with all your friends it can take some time to see everyone, and a magician can help that time fly by. 
  3. Many magicians will offer a special effect for the person who's birthday it is. I know that I perform an effect that leaves them with a surprising and memorable present and card that often leaves the recipient in a state of awe. If booking on behalf of the birthday person, be sure to see if the party magician provides this kind of service and surprise them!
Birthday Party Magician Ideas . Image from http://www.sxc.hu/profile/signalchao

These are of course just a few suggestions. I will be developing on some of these and providing more ideas click here to see more posts on hiring a party magician

Have you been blown away by a magician or mind reader at a birthday party? How else have you seen magicians at parties? Let me know in the comments below.

When Should A Wedding Magician Perform?

There are many ideas of when a wedding magician should perform at your wedding and I've outlined the 3 main ones here. This is what many magicians in the industry would advise and offer to the happy couple. Of course you're not restricted to these ideas but these have been proven to work.

3 Wedding Magician Suggestions

  1. Wedding Breakfast The wedding breakfast is often a popular time as people will be sat with people they don’t know. A magician is the perfect way to break the ice for this occasion. A wedding magician at this time will get people talking and get people smiling and relaxed instead of worrying about conversation starters. This enables your friends to relax and enjoy themselves a lot more.
  2. During the PhotosIf you’re not involved in the photos there’s often a lot of standing around and waiting. A magician is perfect here as they can keep these guests interested and you can spend longer making sure you get the right photo as you won’t have to worry about people being bored. They won’t notice the time passing! This again puts people in a relaxed mood making the photos seem more natural and you'll get a natural smile out of even the grumpiest of relatives ;)
  3. Evening ReceptionAgain this is a great time for a magician as it is a great time for breaking the ice.  A magician is also well utilised just before the reception whilst people wait for the room to be prepared. A good magician can get people in the right mood ready to enjoy themselves and let their hair down.

Of course these are just suggestions but I hope they are useful for you. 

When else do you think a wedding magician could perform?

A wedding magician is a unique twist to any reception.

A wedding magician is a unique twist to any reception.