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Misconceptions You May Have About Magicians

You may have arrived at my site looking for a unique wedding entertainment option or an alternative party idea and may have conjured up an idea of what a magician or mind-reader is like. A cheesy performer with old jokes from the 70’s and thinking it’s not a fit; you’d only be right in saying that is the wrong choice as magicians today do not all bare that image. 

Below I’ve listed 3 misconceptions some people may have about magicians. 

  1. Magicians Are Cheesy
    There was once a time when Magicians were seen as people who wore top hats, pulled rabbits from hats, did cheesy dance routines and wore a lot of glitter. While there are still many acts around who continue to do this, most magicians today are smartly dressed individuals who put great importance on style and execution. Magic has become refined so now you see a lot less ‘cheese’ and much more finesse. Gone are the big glittery costumes and cheesy moves. Effects are performed with style and class from someone you would like to meet and hold conversation with and not have them try to tell you terrible jokes. 
  2. Magicians are just for Kids 
    Childrens magicians perform a very specialised show and is a very popular form of birthday party for children. There are many performers however who specialise in performing magic that isn’t for children. Not because it is lewd or ‘blue’ in anyway but because the style is much more ‘grown-up’. In the same way that Bob Dylan is more grown up than The Wiggles. Both are forms of music but one is more likely to be enjoyed by one group than the other and vise versa. There are magicians today who perform exclusively for adult audiences and whilst there is entertainment for all, it is often targeted to adults. 
  3. Magicians aren’t Popular
    Magic is more popular now than ever. In the UK Dynamo is taking the TV world by storm with his series on Watch now being screened on the BBC. Derren Brown has remained constantly popular with his television appearances for the past 13 or so years. With his stage show constantly touring and selling out theatres across the country as well. That’s not to mention other shows such as Penn and Teller: Fool Us, The Magicians, Ben Earl: Trick Artist and more. Magic is going through a rebirth, a transformation and we are at the cusp of it. The popularity means that more guests at your event are more likely to be entertained by a performer of a magic variety and as it’s burgeoning it will still be exciting and new for them. 
Although this might be fine for a kids party. Magicians who perform at weddings and corporate events do not bare this image. 

Although this might be fine for a kids party. Magicians who perform at weddings and corporate events do not bare this image. 

There are some magicians who do play to these stereotypes. There are specialist kids magicians for example, and these can be great if you are looking for that. Just know that there are more than one type of performance style for magicians and most of them will be much classier than you can imagine. 

Have you had your perception of magicians change over time? Let me know in the comments.

Stage Magician Vs. Close Up Magician - Which is Best for You?

Most performers offer both Close-Up and Stage performance services. However which is right for you?

Both are great forms of entertainment and which you should go for, usually depends on circumstance.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at booking a stage entertainer or a close-up entertainer. 


  • If you have a large room with a focus point such as a stage, or lots of available seating that is arrangeable to face one end of a room; A stage performance is certainly worth considering. 
  • Stage performers (hopefully) engage the whole room at once.  
  • Sometimes they have large illusions or props, and can be very visual performances. 
    • A stage performance from a mind-reader can be different to this though. This will be discussed in a further blog post. 
  • Can be great for Children's Parties or a School Event. Normally a Children's magician will offer this kind of performance as standard.
  • Can be great for After-Dinner entertainment at a conference.
  • Great for events when people are already focused on one point or space in the room and not mingling or mixing around.


  • If there are large amounts of people naturally dotted around and mingling, you don't really want to have to get everyone together and force them into watching a show breaking up the fun. 
  • A close-up performer carries around portable effects that take up little room.
  • Will approach smaller groups without breaking them up and offer them the chance to see the entertainment.
  • Can entertain multiple people and multiple groups over and over without having to move people around.
  • If people are deep in conversation or don't want to see anything at the time (or at all during the event) they can politely refuse, nothing is forced upon them. 

N.B. Some performers refer to stage magic as Stand-Up magic. This does not necessarily mean that the magician is aiming to be a comedian in the 'stand-up' sense. Sometimes it means that their show works for medium sized audiences (30-60) as opposed to large audiences you might find in a theatre. 

Combining the Two

Another idea is to combine the two types of performance. If you are holding a corporate event then sometimes you may chose to combine the two. For example, having the performer do 30 minutes of stage magic and then go on to do some performing around the tables. This can be a great way to get the best out of your money. 

Hopefully this has provided you with some help in the decision making about whether you should choose a close-up or stage magician. 

They're both great forms of entertainment and ask the magician you are thinking of hiring what they feel is best for your event. Ask them why they think that and then use your own judgement for what you think is best. 

Have you seen a close-up performer or stage performer before? What did you like about each environment?

A Unique Alternative to After Dinner Speakers

Instead of a traditional after dinner speaker for your corporate event, consider a unique, interactive and entertaining alternative the after dinner magician/mind reader

The modern magician doesn't perform the cheesy entertainment that you might once have associated with magic. Magicians today offer commercial entertainment that offers a unique entertainment for your guests. Here are three reasons you should consider a mind reading magician for your next After dinner event.

Why Hire an After Dinner Mind Reader?

  1. Unique - When was the last time you saw someone have their mind read in front of you? It's such a unique experience and by bringing in a magician or mind reader you get credit for thinking outside the box and bringing an innovative form of entertainment to your guests.
  2. Interactive - Mind reading gets all of your fellow employees involved in the process. Get the boss up for a special effect and see how your employees react to having their mind read. It's endless fun. Just to be clear, there is nothing embarrassing or revealing about this process, everything is conducted in a manner that represents you and your company with the highest respect.
  3. Teaches You Something - Any After Dinner speaker will often teach you something valuable in amongst their anecdotes. This applies still to the modern magician or mind reader. Often included will be a lesson or business tip that is taught but for the other two reasons outlined above, it resonates much brighter with the audience than if not. 
Alternative to the after dinner speaker for conferences is the after dinner magician.

Alternative to the after dinner speaker for conferences is the after dinner magician.

I hope that puts the corporate mind reader into the mix. For anymore clarification on this topic then leave a comment.

What unique alternatives to an After Dinner Speaker have you seen?