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WIN Free Stuff! Chris Wall Magic Competition

To celebrate the Chris Wall - Mind Reader Facebook page reaching 500 'Likes'. I'm running a giveaway on my facebook page. You can win some cool stuff detailed below.

The prize for the sweepstakes. 

You could win. 

1) 1x Chris Wall Magic Limited Edition Mug
2) 1x 50% off Voucher
3) 1x Derren Brown 'Tricks of the Mind' book
4) 1x Beginner Magicians Book.
5) 1x New deck of playing cards.


There's still 3 days left to enter and all you have to do is put in your e-mail address (just so I can contact you to notify you if you win.) It's really that simple.

Click this to enter the Chris Wall - Mind Reader Facebook Sweepstakes.

Winter, Spring, Winter and Probably more Winter...

So today is September 2nd and what was supposed to be winter has passed. It wasn't so eventful for most as we had pretty bad weather but fear not, with every second the celebration of New Year and Christmas (if you celebrate that holiday) comes closer. So it's something to look forward to.

Coming up in terms for Chris Wall Magic, I am performing as part of a play called 'Egglescliffe' which is a fictional horror story about the site on which 'Egglescliffe Secondary School' is built. I am performing as an Edwardian Magician in the play, a different experience for me as I'm performing as a character, not myself, and I'm also performing as a 'magician' rather than 'mentalist'. The rehearsals have been great and although the magic only plays a small part I have also acted as 'Magic Consultant' in some of the special effects used in the show.

The show will be performed on the 7th, 8th and 9th of September (2011) and begins around 7pm on those nights at Egglescliffe Secondary School main hall. The play is original and very entertaining so if you can make it, do come along.

I also finally got around to uploading some of the photos from 'The Butterwick Bonanza' to my website and not just on my Facebook page so to check out the gallery if you're not a fan (which you really should be) then you can see them at the Chris Wall Magic 'Butterwick Bonanza' gallery page.

If you have any questions about anything above ask in the comments below and let me know in any way how I can help you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The Butterwick Bonanza