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Summer Garden Party Ideas - A Magician?

he beautiful weather we've been having (especially in London) has had me thinking about having summer garden parties and barbecues. If you've been thinking about this too, why not think about adding a little extra sparkle to your summer house party and book a mind reading magician for parties

I know what you're thinking...this looks delicious.

Here's some ideas for how a mind reader or magician can improve your garden party:

  • Close-Up Garden Party Magician: Why not invite an extra guest for your day and have a magician performing effects or reading yours and your guests minds up close and personal. Whilst they're waiting for their burger to be ready on the BBQ, have someone perform for them whilst they wait. It's sure to get people talking and make it more than your standard summer party. It will help your neighbours and friends bond and get to know each other with ease as a natural talking point.
  • Parlour Show in The Sun: Many magicians (including Chris Wall Mind Reader) offer a short usually half hour parlour show. This means that the show is somewhere between what would be performed on the world's biggest stage and the stuff performed in your hands. Why not hire a magician to perform this type of show in your garden? It's one of my favourite types of shows to perform because it involves everyone but is still very intimate. 
  • Saves You From Unpredictable Weather: You've checked the forecasts and planned ahead but the UK weather is unpredictable. If the weather isn't great on the day, a magician can perform inside. This will mean your party may not be outside but will be unique remembered and fun. People won't care if you get shut inside if there's something else to distract them inside. 

If you're having a barbeque or a summer garden party. Consider the ideas above when organising it. It's sure to put a smile on your guests faces and ensure that they have a great time. 

Contact Chris Wall by following the link below to see how he can help with your event or leave a comment below.