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A Unique Alternative to After Dinner Speakers

Instead of a traditional after dinner speaker for your corporate event, consider a unique, interactive and entertaining alternative the after dinner magician/mind reader

The modern magician doesn't perform the cheesy entertainment that you might once have associated with magic. Magicians today offer commercial entertainment that offers a unique entertainment for your guests. Here are three reasons you should consider a mind reading magician for your next After dinner event.

Why Hire an After Dinner Mind Reader?

  1. Unique - When was the last time you saw someone have their mind read in front of you? It's such a unique experience and by bringing in a magician or mind reader you get credit for thinking outside the box and bringing an innovative form of entertainment to your guests.
  2. Interactive - Mind reading gets all of your fellow employees involved in the process. Get the boss up for a special effect and see how your employees react to having their mind read. It's endless fun. Just to be clear, there is nothing embarrassing or revealing about this process, everything is conducted in a manner that represents you and your company with the highest respect.
  3. Teaches You Something - Any After Dinner speaker will often teach you something valuable in amongst their anecdotes. This applies still to the modern magician or mind reader. Often included will be a lesson or business tip that is taught but for the other two reasons outlined above, it resonates much brighter with the audience than if not. 
Alternative to the after dinner speaker for conferences is the after dinner magician.

Alternative to the after dinner speaker for conferences is the after dinner magician.

I hope that puts the corporate mind reader into the mix. For anymore clarification on this topic then leave a comment.

What unique alternatives to an After Dinner Speaker have you seen?