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3 Unique Party Ideas When Booking a Birthday Party Magician

A birthday party magician doesn't just have to be for Children. Although a magician is a popular children's party idea, why not consider booking a magician for an adult or teen's birthday. It's a unique birthday idea that will surprise your guests and make sure they remember the party for a long time as most people haven't seen a close-up magician in person.

Modern magic isn't the cheesy magic you may be used to. In fact modern close-up magic is incredibly classy and performed in your hands, designed for adults (that's not to say 'adult material'). Here are three ways in which a close-up magician or mind reader could be used at your event. 

3 Birthday Party Magician Ideas

  1. An Intimate Show for your Closest Friends - Are you having just a few friends over for a intimate dinner? Many magicians offer a close-up set that can usually can range up to 30 minutes for guests of up to 15-20 people. This is a really intimate show in which everyone gets involved and your guests will walk away with something they'll remember for a long time to come.
  2. A strolling magician - If having a larger event with many extended friends and family, a party mind reader or magician can make for a nice ice-breaker as well as a really entertaining way for guests to pass the time whilst they wait to speak with you. If you're busy talking with all your friends it can take some time to see everyone, and a magician can help that time fly by. 
  3. Many magicians will offer a special effect for the person who's birthday it is. I know that I perform an effect that leaves them with a surprising and memorable present and card that often leaves the recipient in a state of awe. If booking on behalf of the birthday person, be sure to see if the party magician provides this kind of service and surprise them!
Birthday Party Magician Ideas . Image from http://www.sxc.hu/profile/signalchao

These are of course just a few suggestions. I will be developing on some of these and providing more ideas click here to see more posts on hiring a party magician

Have you been blown away by a magician or mind reader at a birthday party? How else have you seen magicians at parties? Let me know in the comments below.

Large Event - Multiple Magicians?

Are you holding a large event with a lot of guests? Are you considering hiring a mind reader or hiring a magician?

If you are, you may not just want to hire one magician or mind reader for the event but multiple. This has a couple of advantages such as giving every person at the event the feeling of being individual catered for, and ensures everyone gets to see the entertainment before leaving.

A rough idea is for 100 guests, 2 hours of performing is about right. This obviously varies performer to performer event to event, but if you have 200 guests and only 2 hours for the entertainment then considering multiple magicians is probably wise.

Here are some tips if you are planning on booking multiple magicians.

  1. Make sure each magician knows the others are coming. This ensures no surprises for the performer who may believe he is headlining the bill.
  2. Giving the performers enough notice also allows the magicians to talk beforehand and ensure they won't be performing the same material. That way if they do happen to see both or all performers they will be watching something different.  
  3. Consider booking a mind reader and a magician. This way you give the guests a little more variety whilst still staying consistent in the approach.  
If you're thinking about booking multiple magicians then contacting Chris is a good way to go. As I spend a lot of my time networking with other magicians I know who the best performers in the field are from close-up magicians, memory artists, to balloon modellers. Just mention the idea when you enquire and save yourself some hassle.