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Stage Magician Vs. Close Up Magician - Which is Best for You?

Most performers offer both Close-Up and Stage performance services. However which is right for you?

Both are great forms of entertainment and which you should go for, usually depends on circumstance.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at booking a stage entertainer or a close-up entertainer. 


  • If you have a large room with a focus point such as a stage, or lots of available seating that is arrangeable to face one end of a room; A stage performance is certainly worth considering. 
  • Stage performers (hopefully) engage the whole room at once.  
  • Sometimes they have large illusions or props, and can be very visual performances. 
    • A stage performance from a mind-reader can be different to this though. This will be discussed in a further blog post. 
  • Can be great for Children's Parties or a School Event. Normally a Children's magician will offer this kind of performance as standard.
  • Can be great for After-Dinner entertainment at a conference.
  • Great for events when people are already focused on one point or space in the room and not mingling or mixing around.


  • If there are large amounts of people naturally dotted around and mingling, you don't really want to have to get everyone together and force them into watching a show breaking up the fun. 
  • A close-up performer carries around portable effects that take up little room.
  • Will approach smaller groups without breaking them up and offer them the chance to see the entertainment.
  • Can entertain multiple people and multiple groups over and over without having to move people around.
  • If people are deep in conversation or don't want to see anything at the time (or at all during the event) they can politely refuse, nothing is forced upon them. 

N.B. Some performers refer to stage magic as Stand-Up magic. This does not necessarily mean that the magician is aiming to be a comedian in the 'stand-up' sense. Sometimes it means that their show works for medium sized audiences (30-60) as opposed to large audiences you might find in a theatre. 

Combining the Two

Another idea is to combine the two types of performance. If you are holding a corporate event then sometimes you may chose to combine the two. For example, having the performer do 30 minutes of stage magic and then go on to do some performing around the tables. This can be a great way to get the best out of your money. 

Hopefully this has provided you with some help in the decision making about whether you should choose a close-up or stage magician. 

They're both great forms of entertainment and ask the magician you are thinking of hiring what they feel is best for your event. Ask them why they think that and then use your own judgement for what you think is best. 

Have you seen a close-up performer or stage performer before? What did you like about each environment?