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The BEST Unique Entertainment...

Now obviously I'm a little biased, but hiring a mind reader for your form of unique entertainment can be a very exciting. There are several different choices and variants of entertainment you can choose from. So why should you choose a mind reader?

Here are just 3 reasons why mind reading is the best choice for your event. 

  1. Mind Reading is Unique
    • Most people have never seen a mind reader before. It's a completely unique form of entertainment and whilst many have seen a wedding magician or similar. They haven't seen someone right in front of them read their mind. It's an experience that your guests won't forget and will be talking about for months, if not years to come!
  2. Mind Reading is More Personal
    • Mind reading is very intimate. With sleight of hand magicians you are left 'watching' the magician work. A mind reader (or mentalist) requires minds to read. Your guests will be intimately involved with the performance. This makes it much more personal and your guests will get the opportunity to be the star of the show (although nothing is forced on anyone). Anyones mind could be read at any second. 
  3. Mind Reading is 21st Century
    • Ever since Derren Brown hit our TV screens, mind reading has become much more popular. A lot of 'Magic' is stuck in the past. Whilst mind reading has its roots in the early 1900's, it is now completely modern and up to date form of entertainment that will make your event look classy and sophisticated. 

There are plenty more reasons to book a mind reader. You can find more reasons spread across my site. E-mail me if you're still not convinced!