Performance Agreement

If you are anything like me, you hate the sight of small print, but it is important that we agree on the terms of performance so you can be assured of receiving professional and quality entertainment.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of the terms below and I will happily discuss them with you.

Any individual or corporation (hereinafter called the Client) undertaking business with Chris Wall, trading as Chris Reads Minds (hereinafter called the Artiste), assumes full acknowledgement of these terms.

The Terms of Performance come into effect once an invoice is issued and approved by the Client.

The Client engages the Artiste, and the Artiste accepts an engagement to appear/present his performance of mind-reading entertainment at the Venue and from the dates for the period and at the fee as stated on the approved invoice. The Artiste warrants that they are not under nor will he accept any future contract from a third party that will prevent the fulfilment of this engagement.


– The Artiste to report at the arrival time on the day of the performance. 

– The Artiste will require a private and secured area to dress and store surplus equipment. 


1.1 The quoted fee is inclusive of all expenses as discussed at the time of booking. The quoted fee may change if performance details are altered once agreed upon.

1.2 Payment is accepted via card online or by bank transfer (BACs), the full invoice is to be paid within 30 days of receiving the invoice. If the event is within 30 days of the booking being confirmed then payment will be due on receipt of the invoice.

1.3 Cash or cheque is not accepted as a form of payment however cash tips, whilst not expected or required, are accepted.

1.4 All payments are required in Pounds Sterling. If the client is unable to pay directly in Pounds Sterling then a surcharge will be applied to account for transaction and conversion fees.

1.5 If the client is unable to pay the full amount within 30 days of the invoice being issued, a payment plan may be worked out on a case by case basis where a surcharge of the total fee may be applied. 


2.1 If the event cannot proceed due to circumstances outside of the Client or Artiste’s control such as War, Fire, Global Pandemic or Acts of Terrorism, the impacted party will be required to notify the other party in writing immediately. In such circumstances, the client will not be required to pay the fee and a full refund of any advance payments less reasonable expenses will be made.

2.2 Inclement weather:

2.2.1 In the event of mild weather conditions such as rain, wind and light snow the booking shall continue.

2.2.2 In the case of heavy rain, or icy weather the Artiste may request to perform indoors.

2.2.3 In the event of adverse weather conditions that mean the event is voluntarily cancelled by the Client then standard cancellation terms apply.


2.3 The Artiste, will not endure hostility or aggression during their performance. It is the Client’s responsibility to take control of any individuals who disturb the running of the performance. At any point should the Artiste encounter hostility or aggression the Artiste reserves the right to terminate the Engagement with payment made in full, regardless of the amount of time performed.


3.1 If this event is cancelled, and the event is not rescheduled, a cancellation fee will be due. Should the client wish to cancel the agreement, the Client shall notify the Artiste by email at

3.1.1 If written notification is received by the Artiste more than 90 calendar days prior to the performance, a cancellation charge to cover the cost of any advance expenses such as accommodation or transportation that have already been paid for and cannot be cancelled with a full refund will be payable by the client.

3.1.2 If written notification is received by the Artiste between 90 and 30 calendar days prior to the performance, a cancellation charge of 50% of the fee will be payable by the client.

3.1.3 If written notification is received by the Artiste within 30 calendar days prior to the performance, a cancellation charge of 100% of the fee will be payable by the client.

3.2 If the client has already paid prior to giving notice of cancellation, the balance will be refunded upon confirmation of cancellation. 


4.1 If the Artiste is unable to perform at the event for any reason reason not otherwise covered by these terms, the Client shall not be obliged to pay the Artiste’s fee and a full refund of any advance payments will be made.

4.2 If an event spans multiple performance days and part of the agreed number of performance days have been completed, then a pro-rata fee shall be payable. 

4.3 If the Artiste is unable to perform, the Artiste will assist in finding a suitable replacement to the best of their ability.


5.1 These terms may be subject to amendment provided such amendment is approved by both parties in writing.