Terms of Performance

If you are anything like me you hate the sight of small print, but it is important we agree on the terms of performance so you can be assured of receiving professional and quality entertainment.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about any of the terms below and I will happily discuss them with you.

Any individual or corporation undertaking business with the Artiste, Chris Wall, assumes full acknowledgment of these terms.


1.1) Once accepted, this acts as a commitment by Chris Wall to perform at your event and a commitment from you to have Chris Wall perform at your event.

1.2) If paying by cash or cheque, full invoice is to be paid on day of event before the performance commences. Cheques to be made out to “Chris Reads Minds”.

1.3) If paying online, full invoice is to be paid at least 2 calendar days in advance of event.

1.4) If paying by bank transfer, full invoice is to be paid at least 2 calendar days in advance of event.

1.5) If failing to settle payment by the date of the event, the client may be subject to a charge of 10% of the full fee that may be repeated every 7 calendar days the payment is not made.

1.6) Further failure or refusal to pay may result in client being liable for court proceedings to be brought against them.

1.7) No card details are stored on www.chrisreadsminds.co.uk. All payments are processed through Stripe (https://www.stripe.com/gb/) and FreeAgent’s (https://www.freeagent.com) secure servers.

1.8) All payments are required in Pounds Sterling.


2.1) If this event is cancelled, and the event not rescheduled, a cancellation fee will be due. Should the client wish to cancel the contract, the process will be determined as follows:

  • Written notification must be received by Chris Wall within the 28 calendar days prior to the performance, and 50% of the fee paid, or
  • Written notification must be received by Chris Wall within the 14 calendar days prior to the performance and 75% of the fee paid.

N.B. Cancellations must be acknowledged and accepted in writing by Chris Wall. Cancellations cannot be accepted via an answering service, email or via a third party.

2.2) If the event is forced to be canceled due to circumstances outside of the clients control such as War, Fire, or Acts of Terrorism. The client will be required to notify Chris Wall immediately and will not be required to pay the fee and a full refund of any advance payments will be made. Failing notification, reasonable expenses must be paid. A decision will be judged case by case, taking into account all relevant factors such as lack of foreseeability on behalf of client for the cancellation of the event. This will be at the final decision of Chris Wall with clients input accepted.


3.1) In the event of the Artistes illness the following provisions shall prevail. The word “illness” shall mean and include any bodily or mental infirmity.

  • If the Artiste is unable to perform through illness, the Artiste shall notify the Client immediately.
  • The Artiste shall, if required by the Client, submit to examination by a fully qualified medical practitioner nominated by the Client, with the costs of such examination being borne by the Client.

3.2) If the Artiste is unable to perform at the Engagement for any reason, the Client shall not be obliged to pay the Artistes fee and a full refund of any advance payments will be made.

3.3) If the Artiste is unable to perform, the Artiste will assist in finding a suitable replacement to the best of their ability.


4.1) The Artiste reserves the right to amend these terms of use at any time. You will be bound by such revisions. The Artiste will notify the client if any revisions are to be made.


5.1) The Client grants the right for the Artiste to have the performance recorded by a camera person(s) through photo or video. The Client furthermore grants permission of said photo or video to be used in promotional material in print and/or on the web provided consent is given by those in the photos or video.