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Looking for a wedding magician to hire in London? Chris is the magician for you. No-one will work harder to ensure your guest's enjoyment. Quote within 24 hours.

Wedding Magician

Ensure the success of your big day by booking an appearance by Teesside Magician Chris Wall.

All our guests were astounded by the illusions and magic performed…I really feel that Chris added to making our day extremely memorable…

You’ll never forget your big day, and neither should your friends and family. Schedule an appearance by Chris Wall to keep your guests entertained so you can concentrate on enjoying a worry-free day.

Chris Wall Wedding Magician and Mind Reader is a unique way to celebrate your big day with a different kind of entertainment.

Chris Wall Wedding Magician and Mind Reader is a unique way to celebrate your big day with a different kind of entertainment.

Simply amazing! He completely blew peoples minds away.

Unique Wedding Entertainment

Chris can be an effective ice-breaker for guests at your wedding breakfast, help keep friends and family happy while taking wedding photos, or add a unique and unforgettable twist to your evening wedding reception.

Contact Chris to learn more about how his mystifying mind-reading powers can be the perfect complement to your wedding day. 

Wedding Magician Suggestions

These are some of the suggested times Chris can perform at your wedding. Of course these are only suggestions and Chris can talk with you about how his abilities can best be used at your event. Just get in touch.

Chris Wall Wedding Magician can perform at many different times throughout your big day.

Chris Wall Wedding Magician can perform at many different times throughout your big day.

Wedding Breakfast

Wedding breakfast’s can be an awkward time as guests get to know each other, some meeting for the first time.

Surprise your guests and provide the perfect ice-breaker with an appearance by Chris Wall. Chris can perform tableside and help set the tone for a fun and enjoyable wedding day with an engaging display of his mind-reading powers that will leave your guests laughing and talking about all day.

They’ll instantly bond through Chris’ unique presentation and ability to read people’s thoughts. Who were your guests’ first crushes? Where in the world would they most like to visit? What’s their favourite colour? Chris has an uncanny ability to know the answers and your guests will love the fun interaction created by his revealing powers. Consider the ice broken and inhibitions melted

Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos will last a lifetime and you want them to be as perfect and naturally happy as possible.

It can take a long time for the photographer to arrange and line up the different groups and shots. Help the time fly by for your waiting guests.

Chris can keep them entertained and ensure they’re happy and smiling when it’s their turn in front of the camera. And with Chris in attendance, your photos are sure to capture genuine laughter and happiness, not forced smiles and frigid poses.

Many people say their favourite pictures are the ones that show candid spontaneity and warmth. A Chris Wall appearance during your wedding photos is a great way to help create that special mood for the photos of a lifetime. 

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is a celebration and is filled with joy and laughter. That’s what makes it a perfect time for an appearance by Chris Wall. Chris can use his performance expertise to get your guests in a relaxed mood and primed to enjoy a fantastic evening. 

Chris can perform an interactive show during the social hour or dinner period to help your guests relax. His mind-reading skills and one-of-a-kind magic will ensure your guests are loosened up and in the highest possible spirits to celebrate your wedding in style.

Make your wedding reception unforgettable with a charismatic appearance by Chris Wall. Contact Chris now for a no-obligation evaluation of your wedding plans and find out how he can help create the perfect happy day.

A Selection of Wedding Magician Tips
from the Chris Wall Mind Reader Blog

Below are a few posts from my blog about how to best utilise a magician at your wedding and some tips on what to look out for when booking a wedding magician.

Discover how easy and affordable it is to create unforgettable wedding memories. Contact Chris for a no-obligation wedding day consultation and find out how to make your day magical. Chris is also available for private parties and corporate events.