About Chris

Find out all about Chris Wall, the best mind reader to walk the earth, probably. Hire him for your event today. Weddings, parities and more.

Who is Chris Wall Mind Reader?


When Chris Wall first saw a magician at the age of 10, he was amazed at the traditional sleight of hand trickery. Right then, he knew he wanted to create the same reactions for audiences when he grew up. Now, Chris is creating gasps of amazement from a wide variety of audiences by taking the magical arts to new mind-boggling heights. After studying the craft for many years, Chris turned his focus to the unusual and uncommon skill of mind-reading. The master magician was quickly hooked.

“There is nothing more impossible than plucking a thought from someone’s mind, then looking them straight in the face and telling them what they’re thinking,” says Wall, now a master mind-reading magician that performs throughout London and the UK. “Once I started working on mind-reading,  I got hooked and couldn’t stop.”

Currently, Wall is a veteran performer who has provided a unique brand of entertainment to thousands of guests at weddings, private parties and corporate events.

“I enjoy making people happy,” says Wall. “It’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do is bring a moment of joy to someone. Mind reading is so different. Not everyone gets to see it and I’m usually the first time they’ve been exposed to that type of entertainment. Being able to create that special moment where you hear people spontaneously gasp is a thrill. I really like making people happy. “

And Wall has been successful doing just that. His special brand of mind-reading magic has prompted the Evening Gazette to exclaim that Chris was “leaving audiences baffled with his mind-boggling tricks.”

Extremely charismatic and able to adapt to a variety of audiences and situations, Wall says a common response from all audiences is not “How did you do that?” It’s “How did you know that?!” 


The mind-reading magician and mentalist attributes the astonished reactions to the uniqueness of his skills and the infrequent exposure most people have to a real mentalist. That, he feels, is why audiences always seem to love his shows.

“I’m often told, and am very proud of the fact, that my performances are fun and that the audiences enjoyed laughing. They have a great time,” says Wall. “A singer is the norm, a juggler is so-so…but booking a magician makes an event different. Booking a mind-reader makes it absolutely unique. It’s just something that you don’t see every day.”

Chris Wall is available to provide entertainment for weddings, private parties, corporate events and more, primarily in London, Yorkshire, Teesside and throughout the UK.

Travel arrangements can also be made for destinations across the UK. Contact Chris for a free consultation and learn how you can make your next gathering an unforgettable event.