London Magician - Chris Reads Minds:
event entertainment!

Entertain your guests with the highly enjoyable mind-reading theatrics of Chris Wall, London magician and mind reader.

I specialise in mind reading magic that engages your guests because it’s interactive, personal and thrilling!

It seems unbelievable, even as it happens to them and right in front of others. If you’re hosting any type of event, don’t just have it be remembered. Have it be unforgettable.

What have others said about me?

What events do I cater for?

Wedding entertainer Chris Reads Minds performing at a party.

Wedding Entertainment

Make a statement with unique wedding entertainment that your guests will likely never have experienced before.

Party magician Chris Wall performing for guests at a party.

Party Entertainment

Ensure your party guests have a fantastic time, whatever the occasion. This is entertainment that will be talked about for years to come.

Corporate event magician Chris Wall performing for on stage..

Corporate Event Entertainment

Don't let your corporate event blend in with the rest. From networking sessions to training days, this is the perfect addition to entertain your guests.

Unsure if your event is catered for? I can perform almost anywhere and at almost any venue. Get in touch with details and we can discuss a bespoke package for you.

Huge impact without the need for management or big set up.

Set the right mood & atmosphere - really get the buzz going.

Get your guests talking - help them break the ice and connect.

Turning waiting times or networking into something special.

Entertaining anywhere - easy to organise, any number of guests, any venue.

Chris Wall, London Magician on stage during a performance

What does a mind reading performance look like?

No two performances are the same – it is based on the connection and interaction with your guests, and relies on what happens in that moment. 

How do I know where you’d most like visit? Your favourite colour? Your crush? It’s the magical art of mind reading, or mentalism, brought to the public’s attention by magicians like Derren Brown. Want to know more about what kind of magic.

As a professional London magician for hire, my years of magical mastery will be put to work delighting your guests using a combination of mental suggestion, manipulations, misdirection and sleight of hand tricks. 

I have a way with people and I’m skilled at fitting in with your particular crowd. 

Even a few simple props, like objects that belong to the guest, or the thoughts in their head, can be used to make the moment.