Who is Chris Reads Minds?

I’m Chris Wall, a professional London based magician, specialising in close up, stage, and mind-reading magic.

I’m often told (and very proud of the fact) that my performances are fun, the audiences have a great time and love that they get to laugh. Most people haven’t experienced a mind-reader before which makes it extra special. It’s just something that you don’t see every day.

At just 10 years old, I saw my first magician and knew that I wanted to amaze my own audiences. 

It began with mastering sleight of hand tricks, and after many years of dedicated practice of the magical arts, I was captivated by the more unusual and uncommon skill of mind-reading.  

After being lucky enough to delight thousands of guests at weddings, private parties and corporate events – the joy remains the same for me – making your guests happy.

I’m great at improvisation, adapting to any situation or guest. It’s always different, and no two performances are the same. Entertainment that is always fresh. 

This type of magic is highly engaging and enjoyable – because it is all about the people that are your guests. They have the best time, and leave with a unique memory that they may have never experienced before, or even, again! 

UK Magicians are often thought of as an alternative entertainer for wedding, party or corporate event, but there are a number of different ways that a magician can make your event extra special.

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