I know what you're thinking...

After years of performing. These are some of the FAQ’s and their answers. If your question isn’t answered, please get in touch to ask, whether that’s dropping a message on Facebook, a call or simple old fashioned e-mail then I’d be happy to help.

Do you do children’s parties?

I love children! But, unfortunately, I don’t perform at children’s parties. 

Due to the fact that I deal with magic of the mind, my performances are best-suited to an older audience. 

But if children are present, there’s no need to worry. There’s nothing offensive or inappropriate about what I do.

What does a typical Chris Wall appearance entail?

There’s nothing typical about it. Every situation and performance is unique to the audience. 

Every audience is different and every audience member thinks differently. I can customise my appearance to maximise the entertainment factor for your guests. 

But rest assured, all of my performances are… mind-boggling, mystifying and memorable.

Do you travel?

London is my central base, but most locations can be arranged – it’s simply question of logistics and travel expenses. 

Having lived in Teeside previously, I have a base of clients there. 

Arrangements can certainly be made to schedule a performance anywhere, even (perhaps especially) Hawaii.

How much does a performance cost?

I’ve designed standard packages for most event types I’m asked to, but I’d be happy to provide a custom quotation after talking through what your requirements are. 

How long in advance do you need to book?

A minimum of 2 days for an available date, but if you have been let down by your entertainment, or need a last minute performer, please get in touch to find out if I can help.

Weddings are seasonal, and much like venues, I can book dates long in advance. I have multiple summer bookings by the January of that year usually.

What kind of preparation, props, equipment, space do we need to arrange?

Depending on the event location and type – requirements will be different. 

For close-up, mix and mingle performances, I need almost nothing other than a private space to get ready. 

For stage performances, things can get a bit more complicated depending on the size of the audience – mostly a microphone so that everyone can hear. 

I’ll walk through this with you if you decide to book to make it simple. 

A magician entertains guests at a private party.