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"The best work social I've been to" - Amazon

Entertainment that is easy to arrange, excellent value, and (most importantly) proven to amaze.

A different kind of Corporate Entertainment...

We’ve all been to work events where the entertainment has… well it’s sucked. It’s outdated, uninteresting, and leaves the room feeling flat. 

You’ve put a ton of hard work into planning your event and organising it only for it to be ruined by lacklustre entertainment. 

I pride myself on making sure that doesn’t happen with your event and that your colleagues will thank you for booking me. When you book me, you’re booking a full-time professional magician that is an expert in bringing astonishment to your guests

Whether you are looking for entertainment for a client appreciation event, networking event, wellbeing event, or an office party because you want to have some fun – I can design a package to meet your needs.

Previous corporate magician clients:

What have past companies said about hiring me as their Corporate Magician?

The only thing that could have made it better - was MORE! I didn't want the session to end.

There is absolutely nothing I would change with Chris' performance whatsoever.

It was so fun, hilarious and I would 100% love to see you again.

I think I've told everyone I know about the session as it blew my mind!
Jade Eve
WOW! We hired Chris a few days ago, and I still haven't recovered from the excitement!
It was so much fun - he was an absolute delight and worked super well with our team.

Such a joy and will certainly be remembered.
I can't recommend Chris enough!!
Robyn Bemment
Chris was perfect for our large team Corporate Event with different priorities.

The show itself was impressive and entertaining and we received great feedback overall from the team.

I wouldn't change any aspect of the show - it was easy to plan and execution was seamless
Vivian Jau
... and I've even performed for the King.
Chris Wall, London Magician, performs for His Royal Highness King Charles
"Amazing - he really is!" - King Charles III

If you've decided you want a magician for your corporate event - we can all feel a bit samey

How can you know who to choose?
Read these 3 quick reasons why Chris Reads Minds is different
before you look anywhere else....
Corporate magician Chris Reads Minds performs on stage.

1. My brand of mind reading magic is rare and astonishing

I specialise in mind reading magic. Whether close-up or on stage. This is quite rare in the UK as plenty of magicians just perform card tricks.

The kind of magic I perform is more personal to your guests, more engaging as they become the stars of the show, and more impossible as it deals with their own thoughts in their head.

You still get the fun, energy and positivity of traditional close-up magic but mind-reading is something your guests won't have experienced before.

2. I am modern and adaptable

Some people will say "oh I hate magicians" and I know they have seen a magician that is performing outdated, unimpressive cheesy effects that just aren't entertaining.

I'm a modern magician who performs modern magic and I know what people enjoy. Even the most skeptical audiences love my performances and often say I've changed their mind on magic afterwards.

I can adapt to your event whether you need something for close-up or stage or anything in between.

Chris Reads Minds holds playing cards whilst addressing an audience.
3. Backed by a 100% Money-back Guarantee

I am one of the only corporate magicians to offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you and your guests aren't astonished and happy with my work.

When booking any event supplier you want to be safe in the knowledge they are going to be a success. This is my way of reassuring you.

(So you know, no-one has ever asked me for it.)

MOST importantly:
seeing is always believing
Nearly every magician has a great website and lots of fun photos... so the first step to working with me is to have a video call...(or in person meeting if you're nearby)
On our call, I'll give you a live demonstration of my mind reading magic through the screen...
You'll get a good idea of how I'll interact with your guests and if I'll be a good fit - you can also ask any questions you may have and we can design a solution for your event.
(plus I think seeing magic is a fun way to spend some of the working day)
Unlike other performers - I only perform at one event each day so I can give you my full focus.

To make sure it is yours, lock in your date before it gets taken!

Get in touch for a no obligation consultation.

Dates for 2024 and 2025 are being booked now

Stage Corporate Magician

Stage magic is what it sounds like - performing magic on stage. This can fit around any event where you have a focal point that needs breaking up with some entertainment or a full show.

Whether it's a quick 15 minute set as part of an awards ceremony or a full 45 minute show as after-dinner entertainment. I can build something bespoke for you.

Close Up Corporate Magician

Often this goes hand in hand with a drinks reception. Though this isn't the only opportunity for close-up magic. You can also have entertainment during dinner or a networking event.

This is the perfect opportunity for a close-up magician to perform and bring something for people to talk about and get them having fun.

Why is a magician good corporate entertainment?

You want to get people talking

One of the main reasons magic is so successful as corporate entertainment is that it gives people attending a shared experience they can use to start conversations. Often business events can be defined as successful based on people making new connections and this can be the perfect way to get people talking.

You want to know people will enjoy themselves

You put a lot of work into planning this event - you obviously want it to be a success. Booking entertainment that people will enjoy is an easy win that everyone will thank you for organising.

You want something a little bit different

Magic is becoming more and more popular all the time. Dynamo, David Blaine and Derren Brown frequent our television screens. But few people can ever say they’ve experienced mind reading magic right in front of them or even to them. This will be something different to make your event stand out.

About Me

Hi! I’m Chris, and I’ve been performing magic and mind-reading for ten years. 

I’ve always loved being able to make people smile and give people the sense of wonder that magic provides. 

I’m incredibly lucky to do this as my full-time job. I get to spend my days making people smile and coming up with ways to astonish them. 

I love performing for companies because I know that I can help really make an event that you’ve put a lot of work into a success. 

I know each and every event is important and has taken time and effort to put together and to be trusted to play a role in it is something I don’t take lightly. I will work harder than any other performer to honour that trust. 

You can find out more about who I am by reading my bio

What parts of an event can I perform at?

Drinks Reception

During the drinks reception often people can be left bored and just waiting for the main event to begin. 

If you book a magician it gives people something to enjoy whilst they're waiting.

This is the most popular time people choose.

During Dinner

Whilst waiting between courses, magic can provide entertainment for the table to get people talking and not thinking about waiting for their food.

A professional will work with the catering staff to help them succeed and give them breathing space to do their jobs effectively. 

Introduction to Speeches

Most events where a company comes together have some part of the evening where the CEO gives a speech, or there's a presentation of sorts. 

A perfect introduction to this is to have 15 minutes of entertainment from a magician to get people warm and have fun before the main event.

If you want to add some extra special entertainment to any business event and you’re not sure how it could work then get in touch and I’ll be happy to apply my 10 years of expertise. 

Making it easy - what happens if you choose to book me?

Most people have never had to book a magician before. 

I want to ensure it is a fun, easy, and seamless process

I know you are busy putting effort into managing multiple parts of your event, so I want to take up as little time as possible whilst still delivering excellent value.

Communicating with you so you know what will happen next and being quick and clear is my priority to make for a positive experience

Here’s a quick outline of what happens. 

(Click each heading for a bit more detail.)

Fill out my contact form or drop me a message any number of other ways and let me know a bit about your special day. I’ll check the basics and if I’m free and if I can offer a solution I’ll be in touch to schedule a call. 

If I can’t help on your date, I’ll do what I can to connect you with someone suitable who can. 

I find having a consultation call where I can give you a demonstration of what I offer is essential. 

This way, you’ll know the manner I’ll interact with your guests is professional and friendly. 

You’ll also get to spend 20 minutes of your workday being amazed and entertained, which I think is a good way to spend the day. 

If you decide to go ahead (woohoo!) then I’ll send over a booking form which asks some essential details about your event (namely location, names, contact info etc.) and then we have a planning call.

This isn’t necessarily the only call we’ll have, but it’s important so we can align on what will happen and when and what you can expect from my performance. 

Once that’s done – I kinda leave you alone until closer to the date. 

About a week before your event, I’ll be in touch just to once again confirm the details and ‘check in’ with you to make sure nothing has changed.

I usually turn up at least 60 minutes before I’m due to go on (depending on requirements) to prepare and get ready so you can rest easy that your guests will be looked after. 

Find out more about how I can fit in at for your event by getting in touch.

How much does it cost to hire a corporate magician?

The big question. There isn’t a one size fits all for how much a corporate magician costs.

It can depend on several factors, including:

  • Location
  • Number of people
  • Duration of performance.
  • Special requests

I offer different packages depending on your needs, so I can adapt to most budgets and always provide great value.

The best way to find out how much is to get in touch so I can offer a bespoke quote.

A guest smiles whilst being entertained by Chris Reads Minds.
Frequently asked questions

Yes absolutely! There’s nothing inappropriate about what I do. It is all upbeat and fun. 

I don’t touch politics, swear or ever “pick on” anyone for any aspect of their person.

I’m always keen to be aware of cultural or other differences, and I am always sensitive to different requirements. 

If booking me for a close-up performance, I bring everything I need with me.

The only thing I do require is a space to store my equipment (no bigger than a medium suitcase) and potentially a room to get ready in. 

If booking me for a stage/parlour performance then there may be technical requirements that we can discuss on our planning call depending on your set-up. 

London is my base of operations but I frequently travel across the U.K. to perform. 

Arrangements can certainly be made to schedule a performance anywhere, even (perhaps especially) Hawaii.

You can book whenever you are ready, but it is always best to book early to make sure you get your date, as they can go quickly.

But if you’re let down by another performer at short notice, if I’m free, I can make it work. 

Most people have never hired a magician before and have lots of questions for me so that they know if I’m a good fit. 

I’m always happy to answer any question on a call, but here are some of the most common ones I get asked. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your guests don't thank you for booking me as entertainment. You will be able to request a 100% money-back guarantee.

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