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"Superb doesn't cover it" - Olivia Henderson (40th Birthday Party)
Chris Reads Minds performs wedding magic for a girl at a themed event.

Entertainment that is easy to arrange, excellent value, and (most importantly) proven to amaze.

A different kind of Magician...

Hiring a magician for your party or really any event can elevate your guests enjoyment to another level. Any time you throw a big event you want your guests to enjoy themselves and everything to run smoothly. 

Booking me is a proven, easy, but amazing addition to any birthday party or other party you might be hosting. 

Your guests will have never experienced anything like it before. 

It takes the pressure off and the worry out of knowing if your big celebration will be a success. 


What have past clients said about hiring me as their Party Magician?

I booked Chris for my wife’s 30th birthday party to perform some magic tricks and amaze our guests. He read my mind and realised that meant “Make me look good to the wife!” And boy, did he do well?

You could hear the gasps of amazement from across the room (and the occasional chant of “Burn him at the stake!”). Great performance skills and excellent entertainment.

Just don’t play the guy at poker!

Steve Wilkinson
Birthday Party

We saw Chris Wall at a friend’s fund-raising bash near Yarm and we were left open-mouthed and very, very impressed by his skills, his manner and his performance.

Even the most cynical of our party were dazed and confused - in a good way - by Chris’s skills.

We were concentrating hard to see just how he did it, thinking he’d never get one over on us ...but he did.

Give him a booking at your bash!

Kathryn Armstrong
Editor - Luxe Magazine

Chris was an absolute legend at our son’s 21st birthday party.

Everyone was simply amazed at the mind reading up close magic, and I can honestly say we highly recommend Chris as he made it a very special evening for the guests and for our son.

He even travelled from London to Bristol for us. Great professional and we can’t thank him enough.

Caren Mitchel
Birthday Party
I'm also trusted by and have performed for some of the world's biggest companies including...
... and I've even performed for the King.
Chris Wall, London Magician, performs for His Royal Highness King Charles
"Amazing - he really is!" - King Charles III

All magicians for Hire promise the same things

How can you know who to choose?
Read these 3 quick reasons why Chris Reads Minds is different
before you look anywhere else....

Making it really easy -
How does hiring Me As Your magician work?

Most people have never worked with or had to book a magician before. 

I want to ensure working with me is a fun, easy, and seamless process

Communicating with you so you know what will happen next and being quick and clear is my priority to make for a positive experience

Here’s a quick outline of the three step process.

(Click each heading for more a bit more detail.)

Fill out my contact form to let me know a bit about your event and what you’re looking for.

I’ll check my availability and if I’m free I’ll send a quote.

If you’re interested, then we’ll move onto step 2 which is booking a call.

(If I can’t help on your date, I’ll do what I can to connect you with someone suitable who can.)

Every event is unique so I always want to have a free, no-obligation consultation call with anyone who gets in touch.

Often these calls happen on Zoom. This means that I’m able to give you a quick live demo of what I can do.

Don’t worry you don’t have to turn your camera on if you don’t want to.

This can also be done on the phone which is often easier to schedule.

If you’re local this can also be done in person. 

Ultimately this is a brilliant time for you to get a feeling for me and if I’d be a good fit for your party.

Also if there are special ways I can add to the event or meet a theme etc.

About a week before your event date I’ll be in touch just to once again confirm the details and ‘check in’ with you to make sure nothing has changed.

I usually turn up at least 60 minutes before I’m due to go on (depending on requirements) to prepare and get ready so you can rest easy that your friends and family will be looked after. 

Then, I amaze your friends and family.

Dates for 2024 and 2025 are being booked now

About Me

Hi! I’m Chris, and I’ve been performing magic and mind-reading for ten years. 

I’ve always loved being able to make people smile and give people the sense of wonder that magic provides. 

And that’s why I do it – to make people smile.

I’m incredibly lucky to do this as my full-time job. I get to spend my days making people smile and coming up with ways to astonish them. 

You can find out more about who I am by reading my bio

Wedding magician Chris Reads Minds speaks to guests during wedding photos.
Lock in your date before it gets taken by getting in touch today.
Frequently asked questions

Most people have never hired a magician before and have lots of questions for me so that they know if I’m a good fit for their event. 

I’m always happy to answer any question on a call, but here are some of the most common ones I get asked. 

Yes absolutely! There’s nothing inappropriate about what I do it is all upbeat and fun. 

I always have some special effects ready for kids to really engage them as the stars of the show. 

Nope! When you book me everything I need I bring with me. 

The only thing I do require is a space to store my equipment (no bigger than a medium suitcase) and potentially a room to get ready in. 

London is my base of operations but I frequently travel across the U.K. to perform. 

Arrangements can certainly be made to schedule a performance anywhere, even (perhaps especially) Hawaii.

You can book whenever you are ready, but it is always best to book early to make sure you get your date as they can go quickly.

But if you suddenly have a party in two days or you’re let down by another performer, if I’m free I can make it work. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your guests don't thank you for booking me as entertainment. You will be able to request a 100% money-back guarantee.

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