“He was so well prepared and everything went to plan”

Chris Minds is a corporate magician in London that will ensure the event and your message isn’t just remembered but unforgettable.

Corporate event entertainment that’s easy to arrange, and can make an unforgettable impact at your corporate function.

Why hire a corporate magician in London?

You’ve put the hard work into making your event successful – mind reading magic can add the twist that makes your event stand out from the rest. Let’s be honest, corporate Events can be stodgy affairs, but no one will ever make that claim when you schedule an appearance by a master mind-reader and skilled corporate magician at your next London event.

I’ve helped many companies across the UK and London create a great impression for clients and reward their employees with an evening of fun and enjoyment. 

Show your business in the best light possible with a creative approach to entertaining your guests and book a London corporate magician today.

A corporate magician makes for genuinely special moments between people

My professional style is ideal for business events – internal or external, corporate or team events. Whether you have something groundbreaking or a day of facts and figures, close-up mind-reading will add humour and brighten the mood.

No two performances can ever be the same – this is the kind of entertainment that is always fresh. You could repeat it every year and still have the wow factor.

Mind reading magic is classy, and impressive to even the most cynical and those that have seen it all. I’m a versatile professional that can work any crowd with respect and care.

Walk around magic will leave a lasting positive impression with clients, employees or suppliers which means you could tie it to your key message or theme, and bring it to life for your audience in an unexpected way.

A guest smiles and applauds after being entertained by Chris Reads Minds, Corporate magician in London.
Corporate magician Chris Reads Minds performs on stage.

Hiring a corporate magician can do great things for your event:

  • The memory of the experience will ensure your event has an impact beyond the day.
  • It’s an unexpected way to bring your key message to life and get their attention.
  • So easy to arrange, with no special management from you or preparation required.
  • Experienced and completely reliable professional entertainer.
  • Perfect for creating creating conversation opportunities, wonderful photographs, and something shareable.

Bring a potentially dry message to life with something fun.

Why choose me as a company entertainment idea?

  • You want something to add to the enjoyment of the event

    Entertainment often comes low down on people’s to-do lists when planning a corporate event. After sorting the venue, photographer and food. But entertainment is the thing that can make your event go from great to unforgettable. This is unique entertainment that will certainly do that.

  • You want something that makes you look good

    Whether it’s an internal training day or a networking event with suppliers. You want to impress - minimal effort and maximum impact. Booking me is a simple process and once we’ve agreed and confirmed details, you don't need to worry about anything else. I turn up and you reap the rewards.

  • You want something unique for your event

    Stand-up comedians and bands are regular expected forms of entertainment at a corporate event. This is something unique, that guests will find unforgettable and they’ll remember the message of your day for a long time.

I always advise enquiring as far in advance as possible to have the best chance of me being available. Find out if I'm free on your date by getting in touch.

What previous clients have said

"Overall it was a great night and you were still discussed late into the evening. It was a great experience and any future events I would certainly book you.

You have an amazing talent - Derren Brown watch out!"
Amanda Edwards
H.B. Clark & Co. (Successors) Ltd.
"Chris performed at Visit County Durham’s Annual Garden Party in and our guests were amazed at his illusions, magic and exceptional mind reading abilities.

Wow! Very impressed and would definitely recommend."
Melanie Lowes
Visit County Durham
"When Chris came to Young Farmers it was one of our best meetings, his magic was unbelievable, everyone was amazed!

He was so well prepared and everything went to plan. It was a great night and I would recommend him to anyone in need of a super night!"
Elizabeth Hall
Young Farmers Association

Other happy clients

I've worked with companies across the UK, here's just a few.

How does hiring a corporate magician work?

Most people have never worked with or had to book a corporate event magician before. 

I want to ensure it is a fun, easy, and seamless process. Communicating with you so you know what will happen next and being quick and clear is my priority to make for a positive experience

Here’s a quick outline of what happens. 

(Click the triangle next to each section for more a bit more detail.)

Fill out my contact form or give me a call to tell me some essentials about your event (date, number of guests, type of performance etc.). 

If I’m free, I’ll give you a quote. If I’m not, I’ll help you find a suitable alternative if you wish. 

Within 24 hours (usually a lot quicker) of you enquiring, I’ll send over my package offerings. 

I work on a fixed price package structure so there are no surprises, and I won’t charge you more just because I think you have more money! 

If you’re happy and want to proceed, we can move on to agreement and payment. 

If you agree to book me, I’ll send over a Booking Form, which asks for the final details of the event.

Once this has been completed, I’ll send over an invoice with all the details.

I’ll then be in touch about a week before (unless you contact me for any reason!) just to check nothing has changed since you completed the booking form. 

If nothing has changed since the booking form and the event, then I perform as agreed! And your guests have a wonderful time.

I usually turn up at least 30 minutes before I’m due to go on (depending on the gig and requirements) to prepare and get ready so you can rest easy that your guests will be looked after. 

Corporate London magician Chris Reads Minds in action:

"Derren Brown - Watch out!"

Give your guests something unforgettable.

Other performance services:

Party Entertainment

I also offer packages for any kind of party you may be having. From birthdays to anniversaries.

Wedding Entertainment

Help make your big day a little extra special and entertain your guests.

Want to find out more?

Want to get a custom quote for your event?

Simply fill out my contact form below and we can set-up a time to talk about how I can provide the best solution for you. 

I’m looking forward to talking with you!

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