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PSSST... Make sure you watch this video to see what hiring an online magician is all about!

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unique VIRTUAL entertainment

Try something new! An online magician is great for adding something different to your remote team meeting.

Bring everyone together

Virtual entertainment means that everyone can enjoy the show with colleagues from all over the world. One of the great things about an online magician is that everyone from your company gets a front row seat even if there's 1000 people.

Easy to arrange

It's really simple to hire an online magician. Simply find a time that suits you and Chris will walk you through it. High impact with low effort on your part.

FUN AND Interactive Show

You might think it's impossible for me to read your mind through a screen, but this show does just that!
Whether it's two or two thousand the whole remote team gets involved, and the magic happens in your own home, creating an engaging and memorable experience.

Some Previous virtual event clients

Looking for virtual entertainment ideas for your remote team?

If you need your remote team to have a good time and experience something fun and unique – look no further than a virtual magic show from an experienced online magician.

The ideal interactive virtual entertainment solution!

What are people saying?

Incredible virtual show, would definitely recommend to friends, family, colleagues and corporate businesses who are looking for some lockdown entertainment! 25 minutes of unbelievable magic!
You will not be disappointed and will come away feeling mesmerised and in awe of the incredible magic!
Grace Clarke
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
An amazing show, I can't believe how exciting the whole experience was.
An amazing alternative to anything else out there!
Scott Dawson
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
Blown away by this show and really enjoyed the interaction and being able to see peoples amazed reactions after each trick.
I’ve spent the subsequent 24 hours bamboozled about how the magic happened!
Would 100% recommend!
Liam Brockhus
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
OH MY GOSH! I honestly loved every second. I really couldn't believe what was happening. It was IMPOSSIBLE. The time flew by and I enjoyed the interaction and involvement. Thank you Chris!
Lily Moore
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
Absolutely amazing evening - my mind was totally blown! We had so many laughs and a really memorable evening that we are still talking about.
Would give Chris and his crazy mind reading skills 5 stars!
Connie Rocks
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
Really fun and impressive show that blew my mind multiple times. Chris is a great host and performer, seeing him pull off mind reading tricks without being in the same room actually made it more impressive.

The time flew by, highly recommended!
Max Potter
Virtual Magic Show Attendee
Lots of people watching a Zoom show

What do you get when you book me as your online magician for your remote team?

a highly interactive experience

No matter how many people are attending, everyone will be able to take part in some way in creating the magic. The magic might even take place in your guests homes!

designed to fit your event

Whether it's just a small team event or your whole company scattered across the globe, there is a package that suits your needs.

100% Money back guarantee if you don't love the show

I'm one of the most experienced magicians in the world in offering virtual shows. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your show, you can get 100% of the money back with my no risk guarantee.

Virtual magician Chris Reads Minds' Studio. Picture shows cameras and lights of professional quality.
The Chris Reads Minds virtual magic studio is set-up with state of the art cameras, lighting and sound for quality production.
What is an Online Magic Show?

My online magic show is engaging and interactive. I specialise in mind-reading and developed a show that doesn’t need a physical audience, but relies on virtual connections, reading minds and predicting actions in unbelievable ways

My show gets everyone involved and having fun together.

If you enjoyed the show and would like to book me for events in the future, you’ll receive a discount to say thank you for supporting a small business.

Who is it for?

No matter the occasion, it’s always a great time to consider a virtual magic show. It’s an interesting, entertaining and memorable show that brings something different to all kinds of events:

  • There’s only so many virtual quizzes one person can take! Suggest my virtual magic show when it’s your turn to host quiz night.
  • Have your team smashed their targets this week? Boost staff morale with a team meeting they’ll be talking about for years!
  • Looking to engage your company scattered across the globe? This is a perfect way to do something a bit fun and a bit different that engages your employees.

Frequently asked questions

I can scale the show up or down to suit 2 to 1000+ people depending on your needs!

Absolutely! Though the show was developed for an adult audience, it can still be enjoyed by children.

Whichever virtual meeting platform you prefer is fine, as long as you’re able to invite me to the meeting. With a couple of exceptions. 

I have tested the show with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams which all work perfectly. 

Alternatively, I can host the show for you on Zoom or Google Meet to save you the headache of organising the meeting! It works best if you’re able to add me as a host for a more seamless show.

It works best if you and your guests join from a laptop or large screen and are able to have your hands free for the show. 

Otherwise simply show up on time and you’ll be able to take part!

The virtual show has been specifically designed to work over the internet. I pride myself on offering quality entertainment and have made sure there won’t be any awkward silences!

Not at all! The show is very light hearted and the priority is having fun. I don’t have any psychic powers or do anything like talk to the dead! 

If you still have any questions about how it works or want to see a demonstration of how a virtual magic show works then please feel free to contact me!


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