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Office Christmas Party EVER!

"Amazing! That really is!"

- King Charles III

Chris Wall, London Magician, performs for His Royal Highness King Charles

"The best team social I've been to at whilst working for Amazon, virtual or in-person"


Office Christmas Party Entertainment

for companies who want to have fun!
Online or In Person

This year, a lot of companies big and small that I’m speaking to are feeling a real pressure for the 2023 office Christmas party and the office Christmas party entertainment, in particular, to be great. 

Some companies have returned to the office and this will be the first real gathering of the company since before the… well, you know what.

Other companies are still working from home and have decided the virtual way of life is for them. 

Mostly when it comes to this Christmas though, companies want to have fun, celebrate, laugh and relax together.

Whatever your situation, I provide entertainment that meets your needs. If you are looking for virtual christmas party entertainment ideas, or something unique and different for your festive corporate event  then you’re in the right place.

Ensure the smooth running of your party

Booking Chris Reads Minds gives you breathing room to enjoy the christmas party.

It gets everyone talking and you will be able to relax knowing your guests are entertained and they're not feeling awkward waiting around being bored! The time will fly by and you'll be able to enjoy the event stress free.

Take the stress out of organising
by booking a pro

Booking Christmas party entertainment with Chris Reads MInds is super easy.

Get in touch and we'll set up a call so we can understand your individual needs and you'll soon find out why so many companies trust me to provide professional and reliable office Christmas entertainment.

Stop worrying if the party will be boring

Making sure your corporate Christmas party is fun is a top priority.

I provide a unique experience that will guarantee to leave your colleagues jaws on the floor.

It's light hearted entertainment that people will thank you for booking!

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How does hiring a Magician for Office Christmas Party Entertainment work?

There are multiple ways that hiring a magician can fit into your Christmas party – but each event is different. When you get in touch, we’ll work out a bespoke plan that maximises the impact I can have based on your goals when booking a magician.

Mix and Mingle - Walkaround or Table Magic

If you have a drinks reception or a dinner where people are sat at tables, Chris will move seamlessly around your colleagues performing astonishing feats of close-up mind-reading.

It works in harmony with the rest of your event and helps smooth things over if there’s a delay with the food or a technical problem.

This works really well to help break the ice and avoid the awkwards moments where people are standing around waiting for something to happen. 


On Stage

A stage performance is suited to lots of different types of party. 

If you’re having an awards ceremony during your Christmas party, this can be the perfect opener or closer to go with that. 

Perhaps you’re looking for after-dinner entertainment. As people let their Christmas pudding settle down have them wowed with incredible feats of mind-reading. 

This works incredibly well when you want to sort something to give the event a focus and do something a bit different. 


Are you a team that’s spread out across the globe? 

Are you not going back to in-person events at all? 

Whether your event this year is virtual or in person, I’m here to make a difference. 

Having performed over 200 virtual shows since the start of the pandemic for companies big and small, I’m able to cater to your needs.

Why Chris Reads Minds?

About Chris

“Hi! I’m Chris, and if we haven’t met yet then I look forward to getting to know you. I’ve been performing magic for the last 10 years and I love being able to bring a smile to people’s faces through the art of mind reading. 

My whole reason for performing is to spread joy. Above my desk where I work each day, I have a mantra that says to “make people happy”. 

Magic to me inherently makes people smile and that’s why I love performing it. I’ve been lucky to perform for 1000’s of people around the world and I’d love do the same for you. I hope you’ll get in touch soon and I can help bring joy to you and your company.”


Christmas Party Magician Frequently asked questions

There isn’t one way to say exactly how much a magician will cost. It can depend on multiple factors such as location, requirements and add-ons. No two shows are the same so now two costs are the same. The best way to find out is to get in touch with me to work out a quote for your event.

Whilst the show was developed for an adult audience, there are no adult themes or jokes. If children are involved then they can still enjoy the show but it’s best suited for those 13+

It’s pretty straight forward to work with me. Quite simply:

  1. Get in touch and I’ll give you a call to find out more about your plans. 
  2. I’ll send over a proposal with some ideas about how I can fit into your event. 
  3. You accept, and we’ll send over an invoice to get you booked in. 
  4. We’ll have a planning call which is what really helps make your event a success and set you at ease ahead of time. I really care about your event so I want to make sure I put the time in to work out how to serve you best. 
  5. I turn up – and wow your colleagues. 

If you book an online show then it is live and interactive. One of the things I’m proudest of is how many times I’m told by people who book me that the most skeptical people were the ones who enjoyed it the most. With over 200 shows performed online in the last year, I can guarantee your guests will love it. 

Not at all! The show is very light hearted and the priority is having fun. I don’t have any psychic powers or do anything like talk to the dead! 

If you still have any questions about how it works or want to see a demonstration then please feel free to contact me!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If your guests don't thank you for booking me as your office Christmas party entertainment. You will be able to request a 100% money-back guarantee.

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